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Words of Snow


Love is an art that plays tricks with time
Compressing, expanding, doubling back and every now and then it stops
Fixed, finite, filled up with experience
Beautifully spanning seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years even centuries
Expressing a need, a wish or a delusion
Seized by an instant unwelcome and new understanding

A canvas of a sensitive, devastating portrait
A bleeding sun melting under its own heat
Casting shadows where they shouldn’t be
The magnificence of a star drowned in sudden crisis
Everything paused, suspended in curious limbo
The quintessence of a frozen moment


Two years on: I celebrate you


There is so much I wish to say

I think about you every day

I miss your laugh,I miss your smile

Neither lost nor forgotten…

I imagine them often

It just doesn’t seem real that you’re not around

And I stop myself from letting go of your memory

I still talk to you …

I know you can hear me…

Today we spoke and before I finished my sentence…

I could feel your presence…

I smiled.. feeling like you were there with me …

 I sat there remembering…

Then cried, flashes of our time together clouded my eyes

 Two years later..

It feels like forever….

You’re in God’s hands now…

As he planned

Watching us from above…

An Angel in heaven who will always be loved.