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Only Kenya allows public servants to wallow in luxury at the expense of tax payers. Reports of a ball point pen being bought for Sh8,500 have drawn outrage.

And in as much as the Devolution ministry is under the spotlight for unprecedented expenditure, the extravagance cuts across all public institutions at both government and county levels.

Our thieving prowess has reached the ears of Robert Mugabe- who, himself, has a piteous record. Bob has mocked Kenyans as graduating with Bachelor of Stealing. Our negative image of reaping where we did not sow is trending worldwide.

Meanwhile, the thorny debate over the use of proceeds from the Eurobond reportedly stashed somewhere in Timbuktu or lying in individuals’ accounts is yet to be resolved. The financial crisis is real with the shilling trading for 102 to the dollar, inflating the cost of living.

However, the Jubilee leadership insists the picture is not as bad as the Opposition paints it.

We are reaping the fruits of our laid back attitude. A few years back investigators named the drug dealers within, we largely ignored the expose.We were told there were thieves stashing money abroad, we looked the other way. They told us tribalism was gnawing at the fabric of our nation, we ignored the warning.

“We were told there were thieves stashing money abroad, we looked the other side. They said the economy was shaky, we wasted more”

They told us the economy was headed to the abyss, we wasted more. They pointed out the plunderers amongst us but we instead clothed them in silk. And now we are raving and ranting on both Facebook and Twitter, impotently. Such apathy in no solution to our socio-economic and political predicament.

Investigation results

Public servants suspected of plunder must-step aside pending investigations. Efforts to save image by shifting blame will not do. Leaders with integrity issues should not undermine the public’s intelligence.

In the case of the Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru, the uproar, away from the sideshows is not personal culpability but rather integrity. She should take responsibility and step aside and wait for investigation results and shame her tormentors.

Most leaders imagine Chapter Six of the Constitution refers to “other” people and not them. They engage in hate speech and cry foul when questioned. We need stronger laws to arrest and charge such foul mouths to deter others who might be tempted to follow suit.

Many government officials face ethical challenges but when confronted, retreat into their political parties or tribal cocoons. Unless we deal with these ethical and integrity hurdles without fear or favour, we shall be confronted with social upheaval with devastating consequences.

President Uhuru Kenyatta should calm the fears by dealing with the looters. Mere rhetoric only fuels anger among overburdened tax payers. I rest my case.

This article was published on People Weekend on 7-8, November, 2015

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If you have ever been put on anaesthesia, then you know you must take a leap of faith, that all will turn out well. When you are knocked out for an operation, you have no choice but to trust your doctor, completely.

Yet a disturbing revelation of unethical practices by a self-proclaimed gynaecologist has betrayed our trust in the medical profession. The incident, clearly edges on inappropriate conduct exposed rather disgusting and scandalous behaviour of one Mugo wa Wairimu, now in custody. His misconduct has in more ways than one threatened to put to question the ethical foundation of the profession.

The revelation that has got tongues wagging on the little discussed topic reveals a female patient, under anaesthetic, being sexually abused by the quack. Unethical behaviour exist in various sectors, driven by self interest often disguised under a facade of client concern. The prevalence of inappropriate actions in healthcare will drive additional margins in various downloadcritical sectors in the country.

Today, there are many parallels to the situation with some workers’ action increasingly questionable. It is also not lost to the government that doctors and teachers currently on strike, are airing their displeasure in their remunerations and working environment.

Though their industrial action is not unprecedented and the prevailing mood is an unjust war and an economic crisis, urgent action should be taken to amicably address this matter.Such occasions only highlight the root of our moral decay and our healthcare crisis based on an ingrained acceptance of unethical behaviour.

Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality” unfortunately when there is nothing to secure such incidences tend to happen — Albert Schweitzer

The recent exposé points towards transparency and quality reporting, shining light on some of these practices and should tone down the environment of opportunism.

It is also timely that a review is done and constant monitoring is carried out on health facilities operating illegally.

Relevant bodies should also keenly address threats to healthcare core values, especially those stemming from abuse of power. Advocating for accountability, integrity, transparency, honesty and ethics in leadership and governance of healthcare is equally crucial.

Bottom line: the trust a patient has in their doctor to have their best interest at heart must not be compromised. It is saddening, that the rot in the medical fraternity could be widespread. The government, through the Ministry of Health, has a daunting task of streamlining operations to stem out rogue practitioners out to taint the image of the medical profession.

Finally, a thin line cuts across personal and professional ethics and as Albert Schweitzer says, “Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality. Unfortunately when there is nothing to secure such incidences tend to happen”.

This article was published on the People Weekend on September 12-13,2015

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Gone are the days when good work performance attracted reward. Most people in positions of influence will attest that maintaining ethics and values is an uphill task; given that political leaders expect favours, to pass laws or strike deals.

Dr. Monica Juma seems to be paying the price for being steadfast to her duty.

Recent events saw a section of Mps opposed to her appointment as Secretary to the cabinet throw sideshows, thus derailing logical debate on the issue.

After years of devoted service to the country and Africa at large, Juma, who had the requisite qualifications and vast experience in public service, security issues and academia was denied the opportunity to serve for what the legislators termed as lack of political approach (whatever that means!) in dealing with the public and elected representatives.

Regrettably Monica Juma is not the first to be vilified for performing her duties with dedication. In politics, power games, deceptions, and sabotages often block laudable individuals’ noble efforts ,thus threatening the county’s development.Noisemakers may be rewardedwith plum positions they have no idea about.

What was witnessed last week dented the electorate’s glimpse of hope in the legMonica Jumaitimacy of the legislature. Their persistent disregard for democracy by constantly misusing power so as to achieve their selfish interests particularly in this instance left many to say the least appalled.

It’s not lost to many that in Kenya this unbecoming conduct has cost us negative consequences such as political instability,skewed economic development and public resources wastage as well as reduced healthy political competition.

Granted the fight against corruption ways cannot be won overnight but we must strive to salvage leaders with integrity and check rogue Mps.

Regardless of our reform record, we will never achieve our social-economic potential without an honest, efficient legislative system.

Put simply, corruption strikes at the heart of our most cherished beliefs and assumptions about our democratic government. That makes it extremely dangerous to the body politics.

As for Juma, you have served your country well. You may never know but you have gained admirers of all ages and political divide.Continue doing so…virtue, we are told, is its own reward.

Given your capacity to fight, I very much doubt that the matter will end here.

This article was published on the People Daily Newspaper on June 20-21, 2015/PEOPLE WEEKEND.