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Fathers day is celebrated globally to appreciate the role of fathers and father figures in shaping lives of children and the family in general.

Nevertheless, reflecting on current trends such celebrations could die in the near future.

Over the years a lot has been done to give the girl child her voice. Groups and activists have focused on empowering the girl-child achieve her potential especially in education and job market with varying results.

However, in the process of lifting the girl child the boy child has been left lagging behind.

Instead of initiating an inclusive approach that recognizes the input of both genders. boys and men have been placed sidelined in the girl-child empowerment initiatives; consequently creating imbalance in family set-up and society in general.

We now have a scenario where the girl child is excelling in education, employment opportunities as the boy-child tries to find his place in society.

Women and girls in Africa are given first priority when scholarships are awarded.Besides they are constantly mentored through rigorous initiatives that have been raised globally.

Like a success story we have all observed an extraordinary shift in the way people think about the girl child and witnessed the impeccable influence that various remarkable solutions have impacted to give her the unprecedented independence that bOY2had for so long been neglected.

Its in fact a deplorable discussion that calls are being raised to ’empower’ the boy child but if empowerment programs continue neglecting the boy child frustration may push him to join dangerous underground criminal activities.We are sitting on a time-bomb.

Sadly, the boy child has been left to choose his future and chart his own course without much guidance from the environment.He has been placed at the peripheries of the girl-child’s profound advancement leaving them excluded in addressing central issues lurking in the society.

The impact of the neglect cannot go unnoticed.In his bid to find his footing, the boy-child is now associated with vices such as drug and substance abuse, sexual abuse and dropping out of school.

We are sitting on a time bomb if empowering programs continue neglecting the boy-child.Frustration may push him to join dangerous underground criminal activities.Reports of young boys joining terror groups fill the media.

The consequent solitary focus on the empowerment of girls and women has imbalanced the scales; equaling to the now seen dominance of one gender over the other even in the basic family setting.

As much as it’s important to reach out to the girl child, let it not be at the expense of the boy child for a just society is when the two compliment each other, not when they are involved in a rat-race competition.

Both genders are fundamental to the success of any society.Boys need counselling and guidance through their passage to manhood.

Conversations of how we can support boys should start from the family level.

If we allow the boy child to continue struggling with poverty, unemployment, and dependency, not only will our country suffer economically , but we will also lose the productivity contributions of a majority of the population.

And we will pay a price.

This article was published on the People Weekend on JUNE 27-28,2015.

The Telescope


Gone are the days when good work performance attracted reward. Most people in positions of influence will attest that maintaining ethics and values is an uphill task; given that political leaders expect favours, to pass laws or strike deals.

Dr. Monica Juma seems to be paying the price for being steadfast to her duty.

Recent events saw a section of Mps opposed to her appointment as Secretary to the cabinet throw sideshows, thus derailing logical debate on the issue.

After years of devoted service to the country and Africa at large, Juma, who had the requisite qualifications and vast experience in public service, security issues and academia was denied the opportunity to serve for what the legislators termed as lack of political approach (whatever that means!) in dealing with the public and elected representatives.

Regrettably Monica Juma is not the first to be vilified for performing her duties with dedication. In politics, power games, deceptions, and sabotages often block laudable individuals’ noble efforts ,thus threatening the county’s development.Noisemakers may be rewardedwith plum positions they have no idea about.

What was witnessed last week dented the electorate’s glimpse of hope in the legMonica Jumaitimacy of the legislature. Their persistent disregard for democracy by constantly misusing power so as to achieve their selfish interests particularly in this instance left many to say the least appalled.

It’s not lost to many that in Kenya this unbecoming conduct has cost us negative consequences such as political instability,skewed economic development and public resources wastage as well as reduced healthy political competition.

Granted the fight against corruption ways cannot be won overnight but we must strive to salvage leaders with integrity and check rogue Mps.

Regardless of our reform record, we will never achieve our social-economic potential without an honest, efficient legislative system.

Put simply, corruption strikes at the heart of our most cherished beliefs and assumptions about our democratic government. That makes it extremely dangerous to the body politics.

As for Juma, you have served your country well. You may never know but you have gained admirers of all ages and political divide.Continue doing so…virtue, we are told, is its own reward.

Given your capacity to fight, I very much doubt that the matter will end here.

This article was published on the People Daily Newspaper on June 20-21, 2015/PEOPLE WEEKEND.