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Ciku Kiuna


25 Lessons @25

Honestly being a human being is a difficult proposition. A waxing and waning balance between having the power of imagination for a world you have no control over and having the genius to build questions yet not enough power to seek out the answers. However, that is contextually the essence of life. A blend of […]

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Raila Odinga/Courtesy
The Telescope


If there was any hope that after the repeat polls Kenyans would once again appreciate the precise, methodical though marred with controversy, coming around of Raila Odinga it has evaporated in the fog of propaganda and delirious utterances in his so-called big announcements. Yet again there is no bottom to the delusion that he displays. […]

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The Telescope

Modern Day Shame Culture

We live in a world of smart phones, instant worldwide information, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, multiple forms of music, divorce, remarriage, open homosexuality, widespread lying, deceit and greed, a decline in moral values, lack of civic accountability and personal responsibility, and countless more changes that create the appearance of a world in chaos. However of […]

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