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If there was any hope that after the repeat polls Kenyans would once again appreciate the precise, methodical though marred with controversy, coming around of Raila Odinga it has evaporated in the fog of propaganda and delirious utterances in his so-called big announcements.

Yet again there is no bottom to the delusion that he displays. His efforts at obfuscation and obvious misdirection are laughable but possess severe links to very real and dangerous moves by his following that would plunge the country into dark times.

Unfortunately as wacky and malicious as it is, still we see Raila apologists widely believe and selflessly defend his theories. The same man who has overtime thrived on political crisis by engaging the government in ludicrous attacks of selfish convenience seems to lead the country in another period of national crisis.

However, if history is anything to go by, it has proven time and again that Raila Odinga is neither one to be ignored,dismissed nor wished away. His itch to acquire a leadership role as part of government and more so President, by any means necessary, should be considered seriously.

His anti-democratic eruptions and erratic behaviour that shouldn’t be confused for muddled belligerence but rather calculated moves present profound danger in the security and stability of this nation as his loyal dissidents continue to beat their chests on any media fora that gives them airtime.

Plus with an activist kind of constitution that runs the country it is not far from impossible that they could very well turn their words into actions.The government could either continue to ignore his loony ideas and restrain its probable authoritarian reflexes or spare him a seat at the table.

A scenario in which Raila Odinga’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) actualizes and further plunges the country into  deep waters of anarchy, is hypothetical- and may it remain so but if it materializes it will fall on Uhuru’s government to defend the foundations of Kenya’s democracy.


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