24 Lessons At 24 Years: I Congratulate Me

Let’s face it: Life does not get easier as you grow older.If anything, it gets messier and more complicated. You can quickly wake up and not recognize the world you exist in every single day.

I turned 24  today. I know this shouldn’t frighten me as much as it does. I know this shouldn’t make me immediately go into panic mode. But, it does. And frankly, I started panicking the second I turned 21.

I know 24 isn’t an ‘old’ age. I know turning 24 isn’t a huge milestone like turning 25 or 30 is. But, it’s such an odd feeling knowing another year has passed.

Well,there are numerous thoughtful and spot-on observations that I have made in this very interesting journey called life, over the years. These lessons, I didn’t learn over night, to be honest I had to take them with great pain, tears and others I still find myself fighting but they have significantly contributed to the woman I am slowly but surely turning out to be, everyday.

  1. Things will eventually work out: What you are witnessing right now is but just a tip of the ice berg and you’ll be just fine no matter the twists and turns life throws at you. Things will definitely not take shape in the order or nature in which you think they will but in just the right amount. Not in the way you want them to but how they need to be FOR YOU. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. This world will defile you: Whether you like it or not to a greater or lesser extent you will become corrupted. Our minds become polluted. Everyone, at every stage in life, suffers from insecurities and neuroses and that’s the basic nature of life.
  3. Nothing in life is truly fulfilling: Something or someone will momentarily change this notion but it will last just as long. A moment. Neither your dream job, money, marriage, a child(ren) , travelling nor your wildest dream will fulfill you as you presume it will.
  4. Grow your own voice: It’s about time you had your own opinion and world view, as an adult you can no longer be comfortable echoing what you’ve gathered from others. And while you are at it speak clearly and unambiguously don’t give people the opportunity to misconstrue what you are saying.
  5. Life is unfair: If you’ve got your ego checked feel free to overlook this point because as you’ve realised this life doesn’t owe you anything regardless of how religiously good you have been. For those who haven’t the earlier you get used to it the better. Tragedy will follow tragedy and such is life.
  6. Pick an interest about politics: Push yourself out of the fog of ignorance and start for example watching news and understanding some of it. You’ll realise it’s really buoying to have an informed opinion about the affairs of your country and the world over. At this point you are actually responsible for your country’s current political climate.
  7. Embrace the novelty of growing up: You might have fought it but at some point you have realised that you are actually aging. And in as much as you kind of fear it it’s a good thing. Aging is about finding new things you love rather than desperately clinging onto the old things you used to.
  8. We are all the same: No matter how far and wide our differences range at the core we share the same needs, fears and hope.
  9. Don’t take rejection personally. I used to get really upset over the smallest things and I would play it back over and over again in my head. While I still do this sometimes, I’ve learned that it is important to just let things go. Let other people inspire you and let experiences change you.
  10. Don’t be fooled by appearance. It’s vain and sometimes not the genuine reflection of the truth. A lot happens behind the scenes that if people were privy to it would cause immense panic and disillusionment. Never base your judgement of anything by its smooth, slick exterior rather on character. But be quick to believe people by who they show you they are, they have been with themselves longer than you have been around them.
  11. Don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes: Quit forcing issues. Never try convincing yourself that something is working while it isn’t and it’s your job to actually realise when you are forcing things and it’s also your job to walk away. Truth is your gut has told you about it but for some reason you are being stubborn.
  12. In this journey called life, travel light. You can’t possibly afford to have carry forward grudges year in year out. Let go. Seriously if you begin doing it now how exhausted will you possibly be in a couple of years.
  13. Not everyone has earned the right to hear your story so choose who you tell it to wisely: Not everyone is entitled to your story not until they have earned your trust and respect. Only then can they be privy to it.
  14. Self-pity is your enemy: It’s funny how we are too quick to champion and celebrate others but rarely ourselves. Talk and treat yourself as you would the most important person in your life.
  15. You can learn more about life in 1 week than you would have in 1 year: One major life event or encounter with someone can throw up more lessons than you can imagine.Also its your apprenticeship period , you won’t be judged for asking questions so feel free ask as many as you can.
  16. Everything is in a state of change: Your priorities will change. Your friends will change. Your interests will change. Your beliefs will be shaken from time to time or completely take a turn around. Don’t be afraid of change. It’s a good thing. It’s how we evolve and grow.
  17. The world is the best education you can get. Take advantage of it. Learn about the places you are going and soak up as much as you can master.
  18. Be honest at least with yourself
  19. Be hungry and satisfied at the same time: You need more than you have right now to actualise your full potential but at the same time you’ll never exactly have enough and sometimes that’s fine.
  20. Never allow for seasons to become habits: There is time for everything.Know when to hold on and know when to let go.
  21. Be kind, respectful and always say thank you. Courtesy goes a long way. And don’t ever consciously make someone else feel small to make yourself feel better. In the end, this hurts you far more than the other person.
  22. Get your finances in order and take control of your health: This is the appropriate time to do it. Start tracking your expenses. Save up. And ultimately this body is the frame you’ll function in for the time you’ll be around on earth the earlier you start taking care of it the better.
  23. Family and friends trump everything else: Seriously, set ambition and pride aside and make time for those who truly matter.
  24. God is real. But don’t confuse Him for a genie in a bottle. He is all there is. You’ve never lost him regardless of how far you’ve strayed. He is constantly and relentlessly WITH you and FOR you. Again and again He would choose you over anything else but just like any other relationship you also need to choose Him. Build one with Him, the earlier the better.

The far I’ve come I owe it all to God and the road ahead of me I entrust Him with every step of the way.He leadeth me.


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