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United States of America legalised same sex marriages recently in what the Judge described as a ”long denied constitutional right to equal dignity in the eyes of the law” while President Barack Obama crowned it off as a “victory for America”.

Though homosexuality has widely gained acceptance in most first world countries, here in Kenya, most churches are yet to speak on the topic but conversation has been rife on social media with the majority being against the seemingly Western insertion in society.

Sexuality trends in America and the world in general are going through a dramatic revolution that shocks the older generation.Where as the mere mention of same-sex relationships may shock many, particular clubs in the country that entertain homosexuals cannot be wished away.

This change has not evolved gradually. I, believe that it has been part of a deliberate, calculated and intentional campaign carefully controlled through media, the law and even science to promote the ideas which have then been consequently filtered down to the general public; within an alluring belief of a wholly positive phenomenon that appears to be progress of “civilisation”.

But how should members of the church – who generally believe that marriage dwells in the preserve of a man and woman’s union- respond to this development? More to it, what does it matter to the gay community that it continually seeks the opinion of the church on the belief it holds on this narrative? Undoubtedly, we then must all come to the realization that regardless of our diverse opinions and beliefs we are all spiritual beings; and we all possess the need to be associated with a spiritual entity.

Local churches may have not capitulated to this new development though in reference to history they have condemned this world view. Many have stood firm by far and large bearing witness to Christ.

However its about time the Church gave serious direction to the youths and society at large.A firm steer to worshipers without the usual assumption of the great disparity between propositional truth and the right principles.Additionally in addressing this issue it must also embrace the rather obvious discussion that pertains to moral teachings on sexuality by completely unraveling the fabric of Christian sexual teaching.

It should be understood that Christianity is a lifestyle and not a fashion that can be discarded with time.The Christian faith has no room for lukewarm positions.One is either hot or cold, so the Good Book says.

Its also about time that we all privately recognize that the strategy of just telling society about Jesus without addressing sexual morality has led to a generation of church goers who worship with their hands in the air and pray passionately but who are sexually immoral-this is dangerous to the church’s future.

We need to have a sincere discussion about these pressing issues for in the eyes of God there is no small or big sin….Sin is Sin.

This article was published on the People Weekend July 4-5 2015.

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