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Conscious decision determines your final destination

If you are uncomfortable with your looks, you have choices—Seek professional advice, join a gym, watch your food intake, change attire or do nothing

Next time you feel the need to vent your emotions, God forbid, by going on a killing spree as witnessed in South Africa, stop and ask yourself if you are partly to blame for your negative situation.

The South Africans who reckon they have no jobs because foreigners have taken the opportunities—never mind that those thinking so are untrained and unskilled—do not belong to the community of the civilised. They are deranged animals. The solution to their problems do not lie in killing, maiming and chasing away fellow Africans but looking at the challenge objectively and engaging their governments. Violence only begets violence.

Your position in life, everything that you have done and will do in future is a choice. You hold decisions to create your lifestyle. You cannot blame anyone else if things do not turn out as planned though there are instances that may be beyond your control but for the majority, our limitations are merely psychological.

A popular prayer drives this point home. “Lord help me to change the things that I can, accept those I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.” Your career, friends, attire and attitude to those around you and the world in general is your conscious decision.706x410q70khadija xenophobia dirco briefing

If you are uncomfortable with your looks, you have choices—To join a gym or change your wardrobe or do nothing. Do not moan about lack of qualifications. Enrol for a course in college or university. Get a new hobby. Learn a new game or sport.Many of us just need a slap in the face to jolt us into reality and realise that we hold the key to our future.

Life does not owe you any favours. It can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. Blame games will not alter the situation. There is no such thing as bad luck, just bad decision-making. If you are waiting for good things to happen, then you will wait forever.

Achievers take control of situations, are on top of things whereas whiners constantly blame situations. Achievers know that there is no such a thing as free lunch. By taking responsibility for their own actions, they have control over their life destiny.

Happy people don’t blame others but focus on the positive aspects, accept their mistakes and work on them. They take pride in the fact that their lot in life has not been immune to falling. They fall, yes, many times but rise, dust themselves and try again. And again.

This article was published on April 21 2015 on People Daily Kenya

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