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The sorry state of affairs exposing women to danger

It is never easy to live with the reality of undergoing a heinous crime such as rape.

Recent events could have never prepared Kenyans for the week that was marred with indecorous acts of ordinary, normal and certainly remarkable people turned deranged monsters exhibiting psychopathic traits overnight after being involved in the rape incident that had taken over news bulletins countrywide.

Unfortunately as events unfold from the occurrence it is turning out barely possible to divorce the feverish recount of events from the victim of the early Saturday incident and those of the alleged Imenti Central MP from the many questions than answers that have risen from their stated account of events as they await investigations.

Like why did the victim entertain her perpetrator for rather long hours? Could there have been another progressive relation other than the business intent in that meeting?

The victim seemed comfortable in the MPs company earlier when they had dinner and crying womandrinks till they changed venue. What then led to a confrontation until her clothes were torn?

And if the man insists he is innocent, how does he explain the injuries suffered by a woman in his company?

I’m a woman. I deeply respect women and can never get to entirely grasp their immeasurable influence in my life and in many others. But allow me to state in the most naked approach possible that the female generation awaits an epic fail if latest trends are anything to go by.

A fast-rising style of doing things that seems to be spitting on the most onerous struggle for gender-equity which was initiated by selfless women in the country in bid to achieve an equal right to opportunities and protection under the law seems to be taking on a bad twist of events where women now want to be like men in a rather sickening emerging culture.

Unfortunate trend

Indisputable differences between men and women always lie within socially defined roles nothing to do with sexism or domination even ou

kerry-washington-birthday-olivia-pope-scandal-abcr physical differences are obvious for crying out loud!

It’s then a rather sorry state of affairs when women try to justify the alleged rape victim  who entertained a man other than her husband into the late hours of the night.

That only raises the first alarm. I hear you question where the problem is with that; but it’s another pointer to a rather unfortunate trend of the end justifying the means in a twisted modern woman way of doing things!

As the clarion call for equity continues, let us not lose focus on the importance of our differences.

This article was published on the March 29 2015 in People Daily Kenya

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